Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger Danny de Kek Speaks Up

From his home in New Zealand, the YouTuber Danny de Hek assails what he calls a dangerous and deceptive scheme, one rant at a time. David Segal interviews de Hek for The New York Times.

De Hek, 52, is one of the few voices flagging crypto-based Ponzi schemes which US investigators say are a severely underpublicised scourge.

He is a born optimist and thinks this online scam-busting thing could one day catch on. Viewers have sent him dozens of links to likely online Ponzi schemes, and he plans to name and shame them all. If that creates enemies, fine.

“I’ve already had my life threatened,” de Hek said, with a smile. “My saving grace is that I live in New Zealand. I’m a long way from everyone.”

Original article by David Segal, The New York Times, November 11, 2022.

Photo by Tatsiana Chypsanava.

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