Parris Goebel Doing Us All Proud

After choreographing a Jennifer Lopez tour at 19, the New Zealand-born, IMG Models-signed dancer Parris Goebel, 30, went on to work for some of the biggest names in music, like Justin Bieber. Now, she’s making her mark on the fashion industry, Ana Colón writes for Fashionista.

Goebel has starred in campaigns for global brands like Nike and Ugg. Colón talked to Goebel about her professional trajectory, what each project has taught her and what’s next for her in the fashion space – and beyond.

Goebel says: “When you’re on the other side of the world and when you’re not in the scene where everything is happening, it’s a very discouraging feeling. So for J.Lo to see me, me being so young and very inexperienced in the entertainment world, and be like, ‘I could use anyone in the world to choreograph this, but I’m going to pick this girl from New Zealand’ – that changed my whole perspective, of how I saw myself and how I saw the entertainment world …

“Being a curvy Polynesian woman from New Zealand that’s beat all odds and now is the face of different brands and performing in different spaces, the more noise I can make, the more I can do my people proud and do other women like me proud.”

Original article by Ana Colón, Fashionista, January 31, 2022.

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