New Zealand’s Hiking Trails – Catalogue of Wonders

New Zealand’s many hiking trails with amazing vistas and challenging courses will leave you breathless.

“Other than the danger of overextending yourself, hiking New Zealand’s abundance of trails is almost never disappointing. In fact, if you come all this way and don’t take advantage of them, you’ve truly missed out,” according to an article in the South China Morning Post.

“Richard Davies, a recreation manager for New Zealand’s Department of Conservation, says millions of dollars are pumped into the country’s park areas annually, much of it devoted to trail development and maintenance.”

“All our staff are working on certain service standards – how much vegetation is cleared, the gradient of the track, whether the watercourses are bridged or not. We can provide a really consistent service. Wherever you go in the country you get a similar experience,” said Davies.

Seeing the “the knife-edge ridges on the mountains, the steep faces of which are frequently laced with waterfalls, the dense, verdant forests filled with calling birds and towering giant ferns makes you feel as if you’ve stumbled into some prehistoric world”, according to the article.

New Zealand’s weather can be dicey, even in summer. However, overcast skies quite often add to the beautiful landscape, rather than detracting from it.

Article Source: South China Morning Post, March 27, 2016

Image Source: Youtube

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