New Zealand’s Fine Dark Ales

In many countries dark beers are for the cold months, but not in New Zealand.

“Lots of breweries in New Zealand have got stouts and porters among their best sellers,” said Stu McKinlay, one half of the duo behind Wellington brewing company Yeastie Boys.

“Our Pot Kettle Black porter is a big seller – almost our biggest seller, actually.”

Their brewery Yeastie Boys has recently launched in the UK. McKinlay currently is working with 8 Wired, Renaissance, Three Boys and Tuatara – four other New Zealand breweries, to promote Kiwi beer in the UK as part of the New Zealand Craft Beer Collective.

“It’s not a surprise that Kiwis make excellent beer; they know their stuff when it comes to flavour”, writes Will Hawkes for The Independent.  In fact New Zealanders  “are behind a lot of the interesting food and drink stuff happening in the UK at the moment.”

Hawkes lists three beers to try:

  1. Slurp Three Boys Oyster Stout – made with NZ Bluff oysters this beer is “smooth and supple”
  2. Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black – “initially boldly hop-accented” the beer develops with time.
  3. 8 Wired iStout – “complex, espresso-inclined and delicious”

Article Source: The Independent, Will Hawkes, October 31, 2015

Image Source: Twitter – Yeastie Boys

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