New Zealanders Leading the Wine Charge in BC

Two New Zealanders are some of the global movers and shakers in the British Columbia wine industry. Chief winemaker at Okanagan Crush Pad, Haywire Winery Matt Dumayne (pictured) and general manager and winemaker at Tantalus Vineyards David Paterson are contributing to the fast-paced growth of quality wine in the region.

Dumayne is a cool-under-fire guy who appears to me to do more work in a week than many people do in a year, Vancouver Sun wine critic Anthony Gismondi writes.

With 25 vintages under his winemaking belt – in Central Otago, California, Australia, and Oregon – Dumayne brings a wealth of experience.

His experience in New Zealand included the creation of custom-crush wines for others, one that has been vital to Okanagan Crush Pad becoming an important incubator for newbie wineries in the Okanagan.

Dumayne has lived in the Okanagan Valley since 2011, and joined Okanagan Crush Pad in 2012. In a short period, he has been instrumental in evolving the style of the Haywire and Narrative wines to natural winemaking practices.

He recently moved to the winery’s 312-acre Garnet Valley Ranch in Summerland, where he oversees the largest, single-vineyard, biodynamic project in the country.

Co-owner Chris Coletta says, “Dumayne is one of the hardest working, talented and passionate winemakers I have had the privilege of working with. He has translated his global experience to articulate the unique story of the Okanagan through terroir expressive wines that push the boundaries of what our region is capable of.”

Original article by Anthony Gismondi, Vancouver Sun, June 28, 2017.

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