New Zealand Salmon Industry Leads the Way in Sustainability

The New Zealand Salmon Industry is leading the way in fish sustainability measures according to the recent global sustainability report Global Salmon Initiative Sustainability released by the Global Salmon Initiative.

“Overall, in terms of sustainability, we see the New Zealand salmon industry leading the world. Some of that is good fortune with our isolation and some of that’s good husbandry and Kiwi ingenuity”, said Grant Rosewarne, CEO of New Zealand King Salmon.

New Zealand King Salmon reportedly has very low levels of fish escapes, antibiotic use and vulnerability to sea lice in its farms compared to others.

New Zealand marine farmers have always cherished the best in environmental sustainability for meeting the global demand for safe and healthy seafood products.

 “We are blessed with many of the things that New Zealand takes for granted – its isolation, its lack of diseases.

“We’ve learnt to farm a species that the rest of the world gave up on as too hard,” said Rosewarne.

“The Global Salmon Initiative Sustainability Report is the first of its kind on a global food sector with focus on its sustainability performance by tracing the relevant indicators in a transparent manner.”

Article Source: International Business Times, Kalyan Kumar, June 16, 2015.

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