New Zealand is the King of Comedy Horror

Kiwis “certainly seem to have a killer knack for comedy horror – gleefully creating tongue-in-cheek shockers that have the ability to make us both giggle and scream”, writes Mark Butler for WOW.

Below are five of Butler’s New Zealand favourites for “a bit of gloriously gory entertainment this Halloween”.

  1. Housebound, 2014: When Kylie is forced to move back in with her mother under house arrest she experiences things that make her believe the house she lives in is haunted.
  2. What We Do In The Shadows, 2014, follows “a dysfunctional collective of secretive vampires in modern-day Wellington and is a “superb mockumentary”
  3. Braindead, 1992: Before he became famous with Lord of The Rings, Peter Jackson “was making fun, schlocky low-budget gore-fests – including this cult favourite.”
  4. Black Sheep, 2006: “Jonathan King’s tale of livestock gone bad is an absolute hoot”, according to Butler. The movie’s main character, Henry, has a phobia of sheep, which later on turns out to be well-founded when the sheep suddenly start devouring people.
  5. Deathgasm, 2015: Jason Lei Howden’s tale of a high school heavy metal band who accidentally summon demonic forces has some “wicked visual flair and kick-ass tunes”.

Article Source: WOW, Mark Butler, October 12, 2015

Image Source: Youtube

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