Moody Electropoppers Broods Virtually Famous

As Broods, brother and sister Caleb and Georgia Nott were initially known for who they know, now they’re stepping out on their own with their music, London’s Evening Standard reports.

“They share a producer, Joel Little, with their fellow New Zealander Lorde, and accordingly shared elements of her moody electropop sound on their debut album Evergreen in 2014.

“Then there were support slots with another family band, Haim, as well as Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding (twice). They were pictured with Goulding, Este Haim and squad leader Taylor Swift at one of their shows in Los Angeles last year – a mini-pop version of Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscars selfie. Now that they’ve moved from Auckland to LA there should be plenty more time for networking, but they’re stepping out on their own with their music this time.

“A comeback single, Free, has a much tougher sound: glowering bass and violent beats coupled with a dystopian video that puts them in a much darker spot even than Lorde. A London club show this week, and second album, Conscious due on 24 June, will determine whether their growing fanbase wants to join them in the shadows.”

Caleb and Georgia Nott are originally from Nelson. Broods tours the United States throughout August.

Original article by David Symth, Evening Standard, May 13, 2016.

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