Haunting Black Grace Dances Different Kind of Buzz

In a New York Times review of their recent Joyce Theater show, Gia Kourlos describes Black Grace’s two Big Apple premieres as at times, “moody” and “breathtaking”.

“This was especially true in ‘O Le Olaga – Life’, inspired by [artistic director and founder Neil Ieremia’s] aging parents and featuring traditional performers; within it was the stomping ferocity of the haka and scenes with poi, (used by Kura Te Ua), and a taiaha, (used by Edmund Eramiha).

“The opening dance, ‘Handgame’, was the oldest, from 1995, and the strongest,” Kourlos writes.

“This is where Lorde, came into the picture – specifically, her song, ‘Royals’, which the dancers performed, first pounding the rhythm into their bodies and then singing the lyrics – clipped, measured and starkly resolute.”

Original article by Gia Kourlas, The New York Times, August 3, 2022.

Photo by Erin Baiano.

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