That Looks Like a Digitalised 90s Catalogue

It was in The Mount as it’s known to locals, that model Becca Haeger launched what would become That Looks, which according to Zoë Kendall, reporting for Britain’s i-D magazine, presents as a shoppable editorial, or an editorialised shop.

Garments for sale are presented to the client, first, in a stylised full-look, meant to be taken in, considered, digested. They can then click-through to browse and purchase individual items, if they so choose, like a digitalised 90s catalogue, Kendall writes.

As creative director of That Looks, and with a background in both print and retail, Haeger effectively works as both fashion editor and retail director, dreaming up vibes, moods and looks to aspire to, and purveying them to a legion of devoted clients.

“Everything in the store is made by hand or in New Zealand. I think it’s nice to know when you buy something from That Looks, you’re supporting someone in some way,” Haeger says.

Original article by Zoë Kendall, i-D, December 29, 2020.

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