Lonely Planet’s Top Eight Must-See NZ Port Destinations

In an extract from Lonely Planet New Zealand, Charles Rawlings-Way describes the country’s top eight must-see port destinations.

“Paris may be the city of love, but Auckland is the city of many lovers, according to its Maori name, Tamaki Makaurau. Those lovers so desired this place that they fought over it for centuries,” Rawlings-Way writes.

“Whether it’s the ruggedly beautiful west-coast surf beaches, or the glistening Hauraki Gulf with its myriad islands, the water’s never far away … No wonder Auckland is regularly rated one of the world’s top cities for quality of life and livability.

Seventy-five kilometres from Christchurch, “Infused with Gallic ambience, French-themed Akaroa bends languidly around one of the prettiest harbours on Banks Peninsula. Sleek dolphins and plump penguins inhabit clear waters perfect for sailing and exploring.”

Original article by Charles Rawlings-Way, Herald Sun, September 7, 2014.

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