Like Obama Allbirds Have Widespread Centrist Appeal

Monthly men’s magazine GQ highlights former US president Barack Obama’s penchant for Allbirds, a wool trainer created by New Zealander Tim Brown and American Joey Zwillinger, and a Silicon Valley go-to.

According to style feature writer Cam Wolf, Obama’s consistent wearing of Allbirds falls “solidly within everything we know about the guy”.

“Not only do they speak the same language as most of his fashion choices – the shoes pair as well with dad jeans and anonymous suiting as a reliable cabernet sauvignon does with red sauce – but they also align with the former president’s identity. Ever since leaving office, Obama and most of his former cabinet members have fallen in with Big Tech companies like Netflix and Spotify, which spit out products as algorithm-driven as these shoes are. In all areas of life, Obama finds cushy landing spots. And it’s not as if Obama was considered a radical in office – like his shoes, he comes with widespread centrist appeal. (More Americans named him the best president of their lifetime over any other leader.)

“Many people love Allbirds: they’re sustainable and fans attest that they’re exceedingly comfortable. Many people would buy a third pair of Allbirds if the opportunity were presented. With both Obama and Allbirds, you have to go to the bleeding edge of their respective categories to find naysayers.”

Original article by Cam Wolf, GQ, July 29, 2020.
Photo source @michelleobama

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