Kiwi Duo Grabs Attention of Billboard

Hot on the heels of Lorde’s success, Auckland pop-synth duo Broods are making a positive international impressions of their own. The brother-sister duo, made up of Caleb and Georgina Nott, have worked closely with Lorde’s producer Joel Little on their debut single ‘Bridges’ and their debut EP, which is due for release next year.

Georgina recently spoke with Billboard about their music and its close association with pop’s latest darling.

“[The Lorde comparison] has come up quite a bit, but I kind of expected that — working with Joel and being a girl that’s from New Zealand, that kind of meets the criteria of a Lorde impersonator,” Georgia Nott tells Billboard with a laugh. “I think Lorde’s incredibly talented, and… it’s impossible not to be in awe of her or be influenced by her in some way, but we have to build our own identity outside of Lorde and the rest of New Zealand music”.

However, Little’s influence on the band cannot be underestimated, as Georgia tells Billboard she came up with premise for the ‘Bridges’ single in bed one night, with Little turning the “really average demo” into the polished single that grabbed the attention of Billboard and MTV.

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