Keri-Anne Dilworth Breaks down Stigma of C-Section

Auckland photographer Keri-Anne Dilworth, of First Light Birth Photography, has been taking pictures of births for four years, and during that time, she has had the opportunity to document three C-section deliveries.

The photographer was particularly moved by the C-section birth of mother Sara Bacica-Hutchison (pictured with baby Silas). “This mother got in touch with me as she was seeking some healing and beautiful images of her birth after a previous traumatic birth experience,” Dilworth told the Huffington Post.

With New Zealand’s strong midwifery system, vaginal childbirth is strongly encouraged and supported, Dilworth explained. “In general I think that there is an attitude that a C-section is simply a medical procedure and that the beauty and emotion of birth is no longer there,” she said. “Woman still struggle with why and how their birth ended in C-section.”

The photographer hopes her images can help break down some of the stigma and sense of failure surrounding this method of childbirth. “I hope that people will see that all manners of birth are beautiful, that no matter how your child is birthed into the world that the moment deserves respect and is special,” she said.

Over time, the photographer has noticed a slight change in the C-section process as it now involves more opportunities for skin-to-skin contact in the operating room. “There are now many caring medical professionals who are acknowledging this and wanting to provide as natural and nurturing experience as possible.”

Original article by Caroline Bologna, The Huffington Post, June 5, 2015.

Photo by Keri-Anne Dilworth.

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