Harita Davies Finishes World’s Longest Foot Race

Aucklander Harita Davies, 42, has become the first New Zealand woman to attempt and finish the world’s longest foot race – the gruelling Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, a course which spans nearly 5000km around an 804m city block in Queens, New York and took seven and a half-weeks.

Averaging 96.82km per day, Davies placed 4th overall, finishing in 51 days 12 hours and 48 minutes – and setting a record fastest time for a New Zealander over that distance.

Only one other New Zealander has attempted and finished the race. In 2010, Aucklander Dharbhasana Lynn, 34, finished the race.

“It seems pretty definite from the way the last 50 days have gone that I’ll finish and yet every lap is a miracle … I’m praying that nothing goes wrong,” Davies said during the 51st day.

“Some days overall are a little easier than others, but most days are pretty tough in many different ways. Physically, or mentally, or emotionally and so I don’t think it gets easier.

“In a way having the finish line coming closer is challenging because you keep thinking of finishing and yet every lap is full of new surprises or new challenges.”

Original article by Luke Kirkness, New Zealand Herald, August 9, 2017.

Photo by Perfection Journey Films.

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