GirlBoss Founder Wins Facebook Leadership Award

“GirlBoss New Zealand founder Alexia Hilbertidou is the first and only Kiwi to be selected for the social media network’s Community Leaders Program,” writes Brittany Keogh in an article for Stuff.

“The 19-year-old, from Red Beach, north Auckland, was one of 100 people from 46 countries chosen from tens of thousands of applicants to fly to the US for personal development, leadership and social media training, resources and other support. Each recipient also receives funding of up to US $50,000 to help them reach more people in their community.”

“Hilbertidou said the interview process was rigorous and scoring a spot in the programme was exciting.”

“It was a reassurance that GirlBoss New Zealand was on the right path. To receive that recognition from Facebook to say ‘hey this is an initiative that we believe in, this is an initiative that we believe can impact more people, was very exciting.”

“A vision or a priority of mine has always been to have GirlBoss to be completely equitable and completely accessible, so regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic barriers. Being part Samoan and really proud of my Samoan heritage, I’ve always wanted to expand GirlBoss in the Pacific Islands,” Hilbertidou told Stuff.

“In New Zealand the GirlBoss community boasts more than 8000 members and before flying to the US Hilbertidou travelled to the Cook Islands to host workshops at four schools on the islands of Rarotonga and Aitutaki,” reports Keogh.

“The workshop gives women a chance to know their worth and empowers us to be more open and have a voice,” said Isabella Mataiti, a Year 12 student at Aitutaki’s Araura College.

“A lot of our local girls do doubt themselves. This will remind them that they are worth more than they think.”

Article Source: Stuff, Brittany Keogh, October 17, 2018

Image Source: Youtube

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