Four-Day Work Week Trial Run Finds ‘No Downside’

New Zealand financial services firm Perpetual Guardian “has made a four-day work week permanent protocol after a trial run found “no downside,” company founder Andrew Barnes announced this week,” writes Marisa Dellatto in an article for The New York Post.

“Researchers from Auckland University of Technology, who handled data collection for the trial, found that employees’ job performance did not change when they downgraded to four days a week, according to the New York Times,” as reported in the article.

“In fact, workers became more motivated and productive. Attendance and timeliness improved, and employees took fewer breaks.”

“A contract should be about an agreed level of productivity,” Barnes told the New York Times. “If you deliver that in less time, why should I cut your pay?”

“Researchers also discovered that stress levels decreased by 7 percent. Workplace stimulation, empowerment and sense of loyalty all increased. Overall life satisfaction increased by 5 percent,” according to Metro.

“Based on the success of the trial, Perpetual Guardian will now give all employees the choice of working four full days or five shortened days per week, Metro reports.”

Article Source: New York Post, Marisa Dellatto, October 4, 2018

Image Source: Pexels

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