Ketanji Brown Jackson Applauds New Zealand’s Assault Weapons Ban

Future Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was seen applauding New Zealand’s assault weapons ban during Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s recent commencement speech at Harvard University as gun control rhetoric escalates among lawmakers following recent mass shootings, Patrick Reilly reports for the New York Post.

During her speech, Ardern boasted her government’s achievements since she assumed office, which included legalising gay marriage, and “banning military-style semi-automatics and assault rifles”, Reilly writes.

Jackson began applauding after the gun remark as the prime minister received a standing ovation from the Ivy League graduates, Fox News reported.

New Zealand banned the sale of semi-automatic and assault rifles following the Christchurch mosque shootings in 2019 that left 51 dead at two mosques.

Original article by Patrick Reilly, New York Post, June 3, 2022.

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