Jacinda Ardern Says There’s a Model to Govern AI

“There is no shortage of calls for AI guardrails – but no one seems able to tell us exactly how to build them,” former prime minister Jacinda Ardern writes in a opinion piece published by The Washington Post.

“I’m no AI expert,” Ardern says. “I’m not here to argue the finer details of what oversight should include. But I have strong views on how oversight is developed, and they come from bitter experience.

“From its start, the Christchurch Call anticipated the emerging challenges of AI and carved out space to address emerging technologies that threaten to foment violent extremism online. The Christchurch Call is actively tackling these AI issues.

“I see collaboration on AI as the only option. The technology is evolving too quickly for any single regulatory fix. Solutions need to be dynamic, operable across jurisdictions, and able to quickly anticipate and respond to problems. There’s no time for open letters. And government alone can’t do the job; the responsibility is everyone’s, including those who develop AI in the first place.”

Original article by Jacinda Ardern, The Washington Post, June 9, 2023.

Image by Cash Macanaya.

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