Dodgy and Deadly

Over three weeks, Wellington artists Christian Pearce and Greg Broadmore created exhibition ’99DS’ with digital images created entirely on Nintendo’s DS handheld game console, which were on display through February in Wellington’s Civic Square. Using a homebrew painting application called ‘Colors’, which is also now available on the iPhone, Pearce and Broadmore created two lots of 99 images entitled ’99 Dodgy Falls’, made up entirely of nude women slipping on banana peels, and ’99 Killer Sleds’, an assortment of hot-rods that never were. From the exhibition site the work is explained: “On display as animated reels on looped playback, 99DS aims to show a fun and frivolous way art can be created on the digital media available to us today, free of symbolism, metaphor and manure.” Pearce and Broadmore are both conceptual designers and illustrators for Weta Workshop.

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