Cormack on Remand in Wentworth Drama

Auckland-born actress Danielle Cormack, 42, has said she jumps at the chance to play strong women, this time in the lead role of Bea Smith in Wentworth Prison, a contemporary reworking of Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Cormack, who also plays Scarlet, in ABC series Rake, said: “As an actress you’re living for projects where you get a chance to play strong women or you’re working with a predominantly female cast.

“We were working so closely together – when you’re working in 40 degree heat in these cells, and you are there for 10 to 12 hours a day, it really did feel like you were incarcerated!

“I went to visit a prison which was incredibly enlightening in terms of how different women function in there.”

In 2011, Cormack played the lead role of Sydney underworld figure Kate Leigh in Underbelly: Razor for which she received a Silver Logie nomination for Best Actor.


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