Cloudy Bay Credibility

The burgeoning NZ wine industry gets an extensive survey in The Drinks Business magazine (UK.) Author Penny Boothman cites several factors behind NZ’s success on the international market, including the ongoing Cloudy Bay effect. “The icon of Cloudy Bay put NZ Sauvignon on the map… A lot of consumers who are willing to spend more than £6 on a bottle of wine probably would know what Cloudy Bay was, but they might not be able to name a £ 20 wine  from Australia or the US.”  The NZ industry is also helped by its size: small “boutique” businesses present a more focused and unified front than the complex image a country the size of Australia has to get across. Paul Stratford, MD of Stratfords Wine Agencies: “In all areas whether it be for a retailer or a restaurant, I think NZ certainly adds credibility and image to the whole range.

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