Chantelle Nicholson Has 360-Degree Approach to Food

From chefs to urban farmers, London businesses are pushing the boundaries of what sustainable eating means, with many of the trailblazers women, and one of them, chef and restaurateur Chantelle Nicholson, a New Zealander. Imogen Lepere reports on the revolutionaries for LondonWorld.

Leading light Chantelle Nicholson, whose new restaurant, Apricity, opened on Mayfair’s Duke Street in April, is also one of Celebrity Masterchef’s expert chefs bringing her passion of sustainability to BBC TV screens, Lepere writes for the news site.

“My vision of sustainability is a 360-degree approach that involves people, purpose and planet as well as profit,” she told LondonWorld. “We also tackle food waste by designing our menus to incorporate skins, seeds, tops and tails.”

Original article by Imogen Lepere, LondonWorld, August 13, 2022.

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