Calm in Victory

Scrabble master Nigel Richards, 43, has won the National Scrabble Championship in Dallas. The Malaysia-based security analyst played 31 games, winning with a 25-6 record. Richards is known for his photographic memory and for being calm. “He has mental focus — he has zen,” executive director of the National Scrabble Association John D. Williams Jr. said. “He doesn’t get too crazy or ecstatic when he wins and he isn’t hard on himself when he loses.” The word wizard is used to wearing the Scrabble crown. Richards won the 28 national championship, as well as the 27 World Scrabble Championship. He also prevailed at the 28 World Players Championship, held in Dallas. But for a word master, Richards is a man of few words. “I enjoy it,” he said when asked about his victory. “I like playing.”

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