Berlin’s Pie Addiction Is Growing

Named in tribute to Berlin-based Josh Joblin-Mills’ grandmother, famed for her home-cooked meat pies back in rural New Zealand, Oma Marnies has been stacking up a loyal customer base since it opened providing local cafés with pastries in 2013.

The business has now expanded setting up shop at a Berlin street-food market, as well as continuing to supply fellow Antipodeans at the Kiwi Pub and The Dairy.

In June 2014, they added a small café space to their existing bakery in the suburb of Prenzlauer Berg.

“There are no fancy sides but the pies hold up on their own,” English magazine Exberliner writes. “Their take on the standard steak pie, filled with slow-cooked beef in a tangy pepper goulash sauce, nods politely to tradition without bowing down to it.”

Joblin-Mills is originally from Palmerston North.

Original article by Exberliner, February 2015.

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