Aquada, Bond Aquada, 0064

International media attention was lavished on The Thames, London, for the launch of NZ-entrepreneur Alan Gibb’s revolutionary Aquada (inspired by inventor Terry Roycroft’s design innovations). The James Bond-style sports vehicle with the amphibian edge can reach up to 100mph on land, and on the water retracts its wheels and uses a jet to plane along the surface at speeds of over 30mph. Gibbs: “This is new in the way that helicopters were new or Harrier jump jets were new.” It goes into production later this year and has a price tag of €150,000. CNN, BBC, Washington Times, NZ Herald, USA Today, Salon, Canoe, The Times, Sydney Morning Herald, GuardianWired, The Independent (“duck the traffic”) and The Sun (who call it a “Fjord Escort”). Read the story of the Aquada here.

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