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Politics and Economics | Bloomberg
24 June 2019
“The Maori Model” Hailed As Investment Blueprint For Reconciliation
Bloomberg reports from Wellington on the investment record of South Island Maori tribe Ngai Tahu https://www.ngaitahuholdings.co.nz/, turning a $170 million government compensation payment into a $2 billion asset base with an average annual return of…

Sports | ESPN
22 June 2019
Triple Crown for Penske Driver Scott McLaughlin
Christchurch-born Scott McLaughlin has ended a 13-year wait with a thumping win to become the first Supercars driver to…
Visual Arts | Guardian (The)
23 June 2019
Drilling Down Into Mine Culture With Simon Denny
What does a tiny, nearly extinct bird with a sweet song have to do with the labour practices of a monolithic global corporation? Everything, New Zealand…
Music | GQ
25 June 2019
Meet Gold Coast-Based Rapper Saint Lane
There’s something about Saint Lane that’s impossible to ignore, according to GQ Australia which features the New Zealand-born, Gold…
Media | National (The)
25 June 2019
Sandy Myhre Promoting Women in Motoring Industry
It seems the motoring world is only now taking notice of female car ownership. Statistics suggest women play an influential role in as much as 85 per cent…
Science/Tech | San Francisco Chronicle
24 June 2019
Barbara Rae-Venter’s Revolutionary Cold Case Crime Breakthrough
Auckland-born genetic genealogist Barbara Rae-Venter has become the go-to expert for law enforcement…
Business | Guitar.com
26 June 2019
Modulation Effects Man Lee Nicholson Talks Business
Dunedin boutique effects maker Lee Nicholson has earned a reputation for creating innovative modulation-based analogue effects with digital brains that…
Sports | DailyMail.com
24 June 2014
5 Years Ago – Drysdale Powers to World Cup Gold
Mahe Drysdale has won gold in the single sculls at the Rowing World Cup, one of New Zealand’s five gold medals at the regatta in France.

Drysdale produced…

Society | Financial Times
20 June 2009
10 Years Ago – With Gratitude
Thanks be to New Zealand for giving the UK butter and for the might of Sir Keith Park writes The Financial Times’ Miss Moneypenny. “New Zealand’s dairy farmers…
Arts | Festival des Films Monde
20 June 2004
15 Years Ago – Short & Sweet
“Two NZ short films have been selected to compete at both the Montreal World Film Festival in August and the Valladolid International Film Festival in Spain in…
Legends | Originators
12 April 2000
Legends – Bruce McLaren
Team McLaren has been the most successful team in world motorsport since it appeared in 1966. McLaren cars and drivers have taken the chequered flag at Grand Prix races…
Legends | Originators
24 May 2001
Legends – Burt Munro
Burt Munro, known as the fastest man from New Zealand, became internationally known for the records he broke at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in the 1960s. In eleven record attempting trips to the…
Legends | Originators
22 June 2001
Legends – John Britten
John Britten was a revolutionary motorcycle designer whose home-brewed machine won international plaudits with its stunning design and performance. The 300+ km/h blur…
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