Wurld Series’ New Album Thoughtful and Witty

“Wurld Series seem to know how to escape millennial disaffection more than most. The Christchurch band, led by songwriter Luke Towart and producer and drummer Brian Feary, fight the encroaching threat of an optimised, internet-led existence by translating the pains of day-to-day corporate life into bizarre, nursery rhyme-like ditties,” Pitchfork reviewer Shaad D’Souza writes.

“The resulting songs are pint-sized tonics to cure disillusionment, often-sub-two minute tracks that loop and lope away from everyday grind towards something surreal and energising,” D’Souza writes for the online music publication.

“On What’s Growing, their second album, Wurld Series shake off the lo-fi trappings of their early work, further exposing the wit and ingenuity of Towart’s lyricism and, in the process, distinguishing themselves as a band more thoughtful – and more pleasantly looney – than your average ’90s revivalists.”

Original article by Shaad D’Souza, Pitchfork, March 22, 2021.

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