Wellington’s Craft Beer Scene Big Business

How such a small city consumes such quantities of liquid we may never know, but with 50 per cent of New Zealand’s craft beer consumption going on in the capital, it’s little wonder a coffee revolution sprang up in its wake, Metro’s Maya Boyd writes.

“With hundreds of experimental microbreweries, innumerable beer bars and bona fide ‘scene celebrities’, craft beer is big business,” Boyd says.

“The Garage Project is the rock star of the scene, with a Cellar Door bar drawing punters from far and wide to taste from the tap or (rather sweetly) fill up bottles to take home for the weekend.

“The Garage Project may be the big daddy but that’s not to say it doesn’t have competition – scene newbie Goldings Freedive already has a cult following, plus it hosts excellent pop-up food-stalls.”

In the article, Boyd also suggests visits to some local restaurants including, The Crab Shack and “eats on the go” at the Left Bank Night Market, as well as espresso at the Coffee Hangar.

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