Wellington Crema the Crop!

Wellington, home of the flat white, has been named one of the world’s 8 great coffee cities by CNN, in a list which also includes roasting heavy weights Melbourne, Rome and Seattle.

There’s also good news for coffee drinkers living across the country, with CNN reporting that “it’s tough to find a bad coffee in New Zealand”.

New Zealand barista champion Nick Clark of Wellington’s Flight Coffee, and fifth-best barista in the world, suggests that the conscious interest the capital’s inhabitants take in their beans, harvest and roast is one aspect of city’s coffee success, “Wellington-ites really know their coffee, and there is a very high standard being served around the city.”

“There are so many variables involved in producing a great cup of coffee these days, and the industry has had to evolve to meet growing consumer expectations.”

Clark goes on to say that city’s size makes a big impact “Wellington is also a small city; there’s a lot of interaction between consumers and professionals, which helps our industry to improve and grow.”

CNN’s favourite coffee spots in New Zealand were Flight Coffee Hangar, Memphis Belle and Lamason Brew Bar.


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