Surfing the Menu in NZ

NZ chef Mark Gardner will co-present the fourth season of popular cooking show Surfing the Menu, with London-based Australian Ben O’Donoghue. Gardner, 29, replaces O’Donoghue’s previous co-presenter, Australian Curtis Stone. The fourth season comprises an eight-part tour of NZ, showcasing the country’s food and scenery in equal measures. “I have been watching a lot of the food channels lately and checking out the other shows. And I just think we’ve just got a lot more punch and excitement,” said Gardner. The series will see O’Donoghue and Gardner cooking innovative meals in between heli-skiing, surfing and scuba-diving with sharks. Gardner will present his signature barbeque dish: freshwater trout with fejoa wrapped in flax. The series premieres on Discovery Travel & Living, May 8.

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  • Robert Phillips - 10:18 pm on February 13th, 2017
    G'day Mark, surfing the menu. You & Bender were just great. During one series you played around with a huge bit of salmon & cured it with salt, sugar & a herb. Just wondering if you would feel comfortable re-sharing the procedure of that particular dish. Hope life is treating you well.
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