Supalonely Singer Benee Speaks with Teen Vogue

Twenty-year-old Aucklander Benee recently performed her TikTok mega hit “Supalonely” on two popular US television programmes, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the Ellen Show. In June, she spoke to Teen Vogue about her sudden fame and writing emotionally honest songs.

While she dabbled in music from a young age, Benee, real name Stella Rose Bennett, took some detours that led her to water polo (of all things) and a two-week long stint at university, Aingie Jaime writes for Teen Vogue. Eventually, she found her way back to music and the attention of local New Zealand producers. A slew of singles set the indie scene ablaze, then came super massive success of “Supalonely”, (the deceivingly light-hearted earworm that sent her career to cosmic heights), and the rest is streaming history.

“I thought that, even if I was to have people listen to my music, it would happen over a longer period of time, having this big of an audience listening to my music” she says. “It’s been like a shock to me and my family and everyone that I know. I’m trying not to overthink things, [because] I’m very good at freaking myself out.”

Benee tours New Zealand through October.

Original article by Aingie Jaime, Teen Vogue, June 18, 2020.

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