Benee Sets Her Sights on Global Domination

Moving to Los Angeles has allowed New Zealand singer-songwriter Benee to tap into the city’s extensive repertoire of producers and mixers for new ventures, including her latest single Green Honda.

“I made Green Honda with two women, which is actually a big deal because there are so many men in production and the industry,” Benee tells V Magazine. “I love working with men as well but it is nice to work with women, it’s a different kind of connection that you have in the studio. I just instantly felt comfortable, I felt like a ‘I’m a bad bitch with my girls and I’m gonna swear and say some shit in the session.’ That was with Luka Kloser and Elvira Anderfjärd. Elvira is from Sweden, so you can definitely hear that Swedish pop influence there. I’ve always wanted to have an element of surprise.

“I feel like [moving to Los Angeles] it’s the next chapter of my life. I really feel like I’m in a new era of living and that will obviously reflect on the art that I start making.”

In June, Benee released a song with Australian artist Mallrat called Do It Again, the official song of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Benee, born Stella Rose Bennett, was born in Auckland in 2000.

Original article by Matthew Velasco, V Magazine, July 10, 2023.

Photo by Dennis Leupold.

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