Sundance TV Launches The Red Road Prequel Graphic Novel

Sundance TV’s acclaimed drama The Red Road, starring New Zealander Martin Henderson “has gotten off to quite the intense start” in its newly released second season according to

In season two “Harold Jensen is conflicted and ambitious, yet loyal”, Henderson said about his character.

The Red Road “provides unpredictable drama where the audience is kept guessing about how these characters will each choose to act.”

Sundance TV now gives the characters of The Red Road origin stories in a new digital comic, which will flash back to the characters in high school.

“The comic never felt like a fit until we got to Red Road season 2. It felt like it was in the spirit of the show” Pisarra, SundanceTV’s vice president of digital content, told Mashable.

The graphic novel version, developed with series creator Aaron Guzikowski aims to capture both the spirit of the show and to tell a story that fans want to hear.

The comic will officially launch on April 24 on the Sundance TV website.

Article Source: Mashable Australia, Sandra Gonzalez, April 23, 2015

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