Martin Henderson Reveals He’s Yet to Master Accents

He’s the Auckland-born actor best known for his role on American drama Grey’s Anatomy. But despite the show being filmed and set abroad, former Shortland Street heart-throb Martin Henderson, 43, admits he is yet to master an American accent yet.

“I can work really hard and get them [accents] done well … but I’ve been completely obsessed with that for the last 15 years,” Henderson said.

Not one to give up easily he thinks all of his practice has actually altered his original New Zealand accent.

“If anything, my accent is pretty diluted from doing that so long. I’d say 90 per cent or more of the work I have done has been American parts so I had to work so hard on that,” he said.

Henderson played Doctor Nathan Riggs on the show for two years, with filming recently wrapping in the States.

As many Antipodean stars have, Henderson also got his big break on Home And Away before moving to Los Angeles in 1997.

He also starred alongside the late Heath Ledger in the movie Sweat.

In one of his sultrier roles, Henderson played Britney Spears’ boyfriend in the iconic Toxic music video.

But he admits he’d rather be known for his acting talent than his good looks.

“That aspect of what we do, I don’t personally take it very seriously or find it very interesting so it is always something I am a little wary of,” he said of being labelled the ‘hot guy’ onscreen.

He is currently filming American horror film Strangers: Prey at Night, alongside Christina Hendricks, which will air in March.

Original article by Matilda Rudd, Daily Mail, January 7, 2017.

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