Skincare Made Beautiful by the Bees

New Zealand actress and founder of Kalon Skincare, Anna Wilding, talks with The Times of Northwest Indiana about the benefits of bee venom as a beauty treatment. “We make a premium grade product, from our own hives in New Zealand, while many brands get their bee venom from factory hives which are often polluted or just use honey and call the residual bee venom,” Wilding explained. “We use pure bee venom. And thank you for mentioning no bees are harmed. There really are no bees harmed. In fact, more bees are harmed collecting honey, and that is also rarely. I think it might actually help conserve the bee population which has been so hit by virus in the US and elsewhere, as these hives are in the wild and kept very clean and well maintained.” As for how the venom is ‘harvested,’ it’s a delicate process, which is another reason this key ingredient is so prized. “In brief, the bees are stimulated to sting glass plates, without losing their stingers,” Wilding explained. “The bees then go about their daily business, of honey making, while the bee venom is then scraped off the glass plates and collected and processed naturally.”

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