Singer Kelsey Karter Is Only Getting Started

“A raw rock n’ roll outbreak of ecstasy and intimacy, ‘What U’ asserts [Auckland-born] Kelsy Karter, 24, as a genre-defying talent everyone deserves to hear,” according to Mitch Mosk, editor-in-chief of music journal Atwood Magazine.

Karter made her ‘official’ debut in 2017 with the intoxicating ‘Out of Drugs’ and has spent the past two years carefully, cleverly building herself up and then out of every niche. Karter’s smoky, unparalleled vocals transcend genre, to the point where her balancing act between soul, pop, and rock feels natural and easy (when, in reality, she’s one of only a few acts willing to break down those walls),” Mosk writes.

“While on the surface it reads likes a challenge, deeper down, ‘What U’ is Karter’s personal empowered anthem buzzing with resolve and edgy, untethered confidence. It’s a song that says, ‘I’m here to stay, and I’m coming for you whether you like it or not’. She’s earned her accolades through a slew of soulful, raw, and passionate songs, but what’s most exciting about Kelsy Karter is that she’s only just getting started.”

Original article by Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine, March 19, 2019.

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