On Set with Once Upon A Time’s Tinkerbell

Flying around in a harness playing Tinkerbell on the set of American fairy tale drama series Once Upon A Time has been “so much fun” for Auckland-born actress Rose McIver.

“I am very aware of how lucky I am to have that chance,” McIver, 25, says. “On set we have such a great group of people who are professional and still know how to have fun, we have had a couple of freezing cold night shoots where we all sit huddled around heaters in a tent on set and it feels like a school camp.”

Hollywood.com asks McIver how different she finds Los Angeles from New Zealand.

“Los Angeles is an incredible city. There is so much opportunity and work potential and you can find so much within a couple of hours drive of the city itself. I really enjoy it, but New Zealand is still very much my home. My family and my oldest friends all live there. There is such a beautiful focus on family and lifestyle and living on the coast there, the summer’s cannot be beat.”

McIver has also been cast as a recurring character on Showtime’s Masters of Sex.

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