Sarah Mary Chadwick Sits down at the Organ

It’s been over ten years since Sarah Mary Chadwick, 32, left New Zealand to pursue her music career, initially as the lead-singer of swamp-doom outfit, Batrider, and more recently with her own solo work. Chadwick’s latest album 9 Classic Tracks is out now.

Chadwick’s only been back “home” intermittently since her departure, amidst brief stints in the UK and, mostly, Melbourne, where she now lives. Her current residence, a house she shares with partner and fellow singer-songwriter Stephanie Crase (aka Summer Flake), was where she wrote 9 Classic Tracks.

“It was all written on a big old organ that I’ve got”, Chadwick explains of the album’s genesis.

“I think I was a bit over guitaring”, she adds, conceding her own boredom played a key role for the push towards a rejuvenated songwriting approach.

Chadwick plays The Gasometer in Melbourne in 4 June.

Original article by Jonny Nail, Rolling Stone Australia, May 26, 2015.

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