Sam Ovens Teaches Americans Secrets to Wealth

Entrepreneur Sam Ovens, who is originally from Auckland, achieved something truly unique – by the age of just 25. He became a consultant to consultants and made over US$10 million. From his luxury apartment in Manhattan, he now runs a global e-learning business.

“I took everything I knew about starting a consulting business and turned it into an online course. I started selling the course. The course grew bigger than my main consulting business,” Ovens said.

Ovens started out by launching a recruitment website in New Zealand. It was for job seekers to post their profiles instead of employers posting jobs. He started his business while he was still in school and working as an intern at Vodafone.

“I started getting frustrated, trying to balance everything. I stayed in that pain for four or five months. Then I decided to quit my job and my college and went full time with my business,” he said.

The business was a complete failure. He lost everything.

Later, he launched successful businesses, including the property inspection software called SnapInspect and the consulting services.

He realised that most small-business owners were baby boomers and knew nothing about digital marketing, an area he became good at through his software business.

“Helping clients get customers is absolutely the most important thing,” he said.

He was making more than US$2 million a year from consultancy. People were surprised to see him growing his business fast. Until today, 10,000 people enrolled in his courses. More than 100 people join the online courses every day. And he earns US$100,000 a day just by selling these automated webinars.

Original article by Emel Akan, Epoch Times, October 31, 2016.

Photo by Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times.

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