Roy Stuart Shapes the World’s Most Expensive Surfboard

New Zealand surfboard designer Roy Stuart has created the world’s most expensive surfboard. Priced at a cool $1.3 million, ‘The Rampant’ is painted with 23-karat gold and made from glossy timber said to maximise balance.

Measuring 10-foot-6, the board was sculpted from paulownia timber and features a lion painted in gold on the surface.

It also offers a single concave from nose to tail, which vastly improves balance.

The bottom of the board has a unique tunnel fine crafted from kahikatea wood, which is native to New Zealand.

This tunnel is combined with a polycarbonate fin, which Stuart, 53, said provides rapid acceleration.

Stuart, who is from Putaruru, puts the whopping price tag down to his years of experience as a designer as well as a carefree approach to paying for the experience of using such a board.

“Rampant is so visually striking many people think it might be designed for artistic appeal alone,” he said. “High price is a consequence of the ultimate design and performance of a lifetime.”

Original article by Caters News, New York Daily News, July 17, 2014.

Photo by Caters News Agency.

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