Rhys Darby Gets Wrecked

Rhys Darby is keeping busy. When IndieWire got the Aucklander on the phone, he was in Vancouver filming an unspecified role in the upcoming series adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was a project he described as “amazing,” even compared to other large-scale productions he’s been a part of, like the recent revival of The X-Files.

“It’s a Netflix show, so no money spared,” Darby, 42, said. “There’s absolute attention to detail on these huge sets – I walk into them and I think, ‘Wow, is this all real?’ And of course, it’s not, but it’s huge. I haven’t really done anything quite like it. It’s like being in a big Hollywood fantasy film.”

Before that, though, Darby was in Puerto Rico to film the comedy series Wrecked, which just aired its season finale and recently got renewed for a second season. Simply described as Lost, but a comedy and no polar bears, Wrecked features Darby using his natural New Zealand accent. Which, in fact, he’s never lost, despite leaving his home at a young age to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – where, in his words, he “jumped out on stage and said, ‘Here I am, this is me.’”

Darby lives in Los Angeles.

Original article by Liz Shannon Miller, IndieWire, August 2, 2016.

Photo by TBS.

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