Remote Eco-Cabin – A Gorgeous Seaside Getaway

The Seascape Retreat – a remote cabin on the Banks Peninsula designed by Auckland-based architecture firm Patterson Associates – boasts magnificent views, is built entirely from local materials and is 100% self-sufficient.

“The cabin is one of four luxury villas located on a working farm on the Banks Peninsula, an outcrop south of Christchurch formed from the eroded remnants of two large volcanoes”, as reported in the Dezeen.

The small cabin was completed as part of an extensive reforestation and re-vegetation sub-project and is 100% self-sufficient in respect to water usage and wastewater treatment.

The Seaside Retreat boasts “magnificent views of the Bay and the distant Rocky Spires” and comprises three rooms (a lobby, a living/sleeping area, and a bathroom) as well as a sunken spa bath on the outdoor patio.

“Full-height double-glazed low-e glass frame views of the landscape and is secured with storm- and shatter-proof steel mullions with earthquake-resistant sliding heads.”

“Locally quarried rock was used to construct much of the turf-roofed structure and is reinforced by in-situ poured concrete.”

Article Source: inhabitat, Lucy Wang, March 29, 2016

Image Source: Twitter – Piqu

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