Producer Noah Slee’s Music Superbly Infectious

A New Zealander with Tongan heritage, soul singer and producer Noah Slee threw himself into underground music, using it as a means for him to piece together how he truly felt about himself, Robin Murray reports for the UK’s Clash magazine.

A musician with an incredibly broad vision, Berlin-based Slee began lacing together lush house vibes, electronics, slumped hip-hop beats, and warped R&B vocals.

His new album Otherland is out on 18 August, and it’s a superbly creative document from a strikingly singular talent.

The new cut Sunrise aired first on Clash’s website, and it’s blissed out vibe encourages those everyday epiphanies, the subtle realisations we have that guide our lives.

Slee explains: “It’s just one of them days, we all go through them. Reminding myself of how Sunrise came together is definitely going back to maybe not the happiest times. Too many long nights, personal struggles and really being tested with life throwing me huge boulders and pushing me to my edge. Seeing the sunrise was definitely a highlight during these times.”

Slee was raised in Brisbane.

Original article by Robin Murray, Clash, July 20, 2017.

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