Positively Bucolic Township

Russell is a town of some 8 permanent residents, tucked into a beautiful, protected cove in the Bay of Islands, a stunningly beautiful stretch of rocky islets dotted with pines and thick grasses and dotted with empty beaches that edge up against aquamarine waters, writes The Star’s travel editor Jim Byers. “The Duke of Marlborough pub sits perhaps 2 feet from the bay, with glorious al fresco dining and cosy hotel rooms. It’s the oldest pub in New Zealand, dating to 1827. It’s also said that Charles Darwin was in Russell for eight or nine days when the church was being built. The church’s fundraising ledges list includes ‘Captain Fitzroy, Mr. Charles Darwin and officers of the HMS Beagle.’ [The town] is positively bucolic, with bright lavender agapantha flowers lining the fence of the old police station and brilliant sailboats dotting a bay that’s fronted by a series of small shops and restaurants.”

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