Ponsonby Period House Gets 21st Century Facelift

“An Edwardian house in the Ponsonby neighbourhood of Auckland, has been given a 21st-century facelift with a thorough redesign and a touch of minimalism – through an extension’s monolithic architecture,” Ellie Stathaki writes for Wallpaper magazine.

“The residence, a family home on Franklin Road, was designed by Jack McKinney Architects and interiors specialist Katie Lockhart Studio, who drew on principles of modernist architecture, and in particular tropical modernism, for the project’s warm yet unfussy interiors and the new building exterior’s sharp, minimalist outline,” Stathaki writes.

“The aim was for a ‘unified experience’, architect Jack McKinney says. The architect is a deft hand at composing homes that carry drama and character in a sophisticated, poised way that is conducive to calm yet memorable spaces – as with the monolithic architecture of Franklin Road. He adds: ‘[This] minimalist design allowed us to keep a contemplative mood in the room.’”

Original article by Ellie Stathaki, Wallpaper, November 15, 2021.

Photo by David Straight.


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