Coast House a Minimalist Retreat in Southland

“[Architect] Stacey Farrell’s contemporary retreat is a stealthy passive design that keeps a low profile amidst the natural splendour of New Zealand’s wild south coast,” Jonathan Bell writes for design magazine, Wallpaper.

“This low-energy retreat, the Coast House, sits between two of New Zealand’s most spectacular areas, the Fiordland National Park and the sparsely populated, densely forested Catlins. Fiordland is the country’s largest national park at nearly 13,000km2.

“Building anything in proximity to these remote wildernesses presents a significant challenge,” Bell explains.

“‘The aim was to keep things low and work with the landscape,’ Farrell says, pointing out how the materials palette is kept simple and unadorned.

“Based in Queenstown, Farrell’s studio is committed to using modern materials in a minimal way, often working on dramatic sites that require careful approaches to design and energy use.”

Original article by Jonathan Bell, Wallpaper, August 4, 2022.

Photo by Ben Ruffell.

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