Photographer Amos Chapple’s Love Letter to Prague

High above street level, scores of magnificent statues gaze down over the historical centre of Prague. These rooftop figures – which normally go virtually unnoticed – are now the focus of a project by Amos Chapple, a New Zealand-born travel photographer resident in the Czech capital, Ian Willoughby writes for a Radio Prague International story.

In recent weeks Chapple’s stunning images have been shared hundreds of times on social media and earned international media attention, Willoughby writes.

“I’ve lived here for four years now and my wife has lived here for three and we just love being out and about in the city,” Chapple explains.

“I think the most interesting [online] interaction was when I posted one photograph of a winged figure on the [Svatopluk] Čech Bridge. And someone commented on Facebook that the Hotel Intercontinental in the background is on the site of where Kafka was living when he wrote Metamorphosis and some other stories.

“I want to represent Prague in a way that does justice to its beauty and to its history.”

Original article by Ian Willoughby, Radio Prague International, May 18, 2020.

Photo by Amos Chapple.

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