Inside Musical Instruments with Charles Brooks

The New Zealand photographer Charles Brooks’ project “Architecture in Music” takes the viewer inside instruments, where music is created. A result achieved through a very specific technique. He explains his series to Enrico Ratto of architecture magazine, Domus.

Musical instruments are made using a hidden architecture that shapes their sound and vibrations, Ratto reports. Brooks, who has a background as a cellist between Asia and South America, asked himself: how is a concert played?

“I wanted the audience to be able to imagine living in the instrument while it is being played. I wanted the audience to be able to see the source of those amplified sensations. Putting a camera inside the instruments means seeing the signs of time, the beauty and precision of this extraordinary echo chamber that is usually hidden from view,” Brooks says.

Brooks is based in Auckland.

Original article by Enrico Ratto, Domus, February 15, 2022.

Photo by Charles Brooks.

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