Outdoors Vital for Children Agrees Rachel Carrell

Home Nursery, an offshoot of New Zealander Rachel Carrell’s Koru Kids childcare agency, has been launched to address the growing number of parents wanting their city-dwelling kids to learn while surrounded by Mother Nature, Phil Norris reports for LeicestershireLive.

Children aged six months to four years are looked after by a childminder specifically trained in helping to raise little adventurers, Norris writes.

The ‘mini Bear Grylls’ enjoy a curriculum where instead of learning numbers and letters in a classroom they count sticks, stones and leaves, and chalk letters onto paving or stones.

Home Nurseries are run by fully trained and vetted childminders who open up their homes to carry out the rewarding job, which can also come with huge financial benefits.

Carrell said: “Our Home Nursery early educators have the potential to earn up to £70,000 a year, which demonstrates how in-demand this service is.”

Original article by Phil Norris, LeicestershireLive, January 4, 2022.

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